About Us

ABIRK is a company dealing with consulting, system integration, R&D, innovation and technology transfer in the scope of ICT across different industrial fields.

Commitment to achieve excellence and a distinctive impact. Maximum guaranteed confidentiality conscious to collaborate in the construction of key processes and products for our customers.


Rely on outstanding employees prepared for the tasks and with the abilities to achieve the goal.


Build lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

This means the selection, integration and creation of information systems, introducing innovation and creativity, bringing our resources to work together with those of our customers, within long lasting relations and mutual trust, listening, entering into details, with passion, expertise and determination sharing at every stage of the projects, the final objectives.


Information technology offers great possibilities itself in support of operational processes, making them simple, intuitive and accessible, managing automations, in total control of the parameters of corporate interest.

In fact, digital technologies in the field of Industry 4.0 allow the interconnection and collaboration in real time between the company’s resources in the logic of the connected company: the concept is that of the smart factory, where the production chain leads to the final product it is digitalized and computerized.

This may be possible thanks to new production technologies and information and technical infrastructures capable of integrating systems (IoT): all this is achieved with a new focus on consumption, looking for high-performance and inexpensive solutions.

This requires not only discipline, it is essential to fully understand the processes to ensure the actual connection of users and machines to technology ensuring interfaces, organization and proper ways to operate with simplicity and robust automation.

ABIRK addresses and solves these issues with companies that have problems of integration of the solutions in use, facing new processes or who want to optimize existing ones, who believe in the potential of technology and want to introduce innovation for them and for their clients.


Support our customers in the optimal management of their business processes by creating ICT technology solutions, also complex but effective, with a high degree of final usability.


Offer the customer the best we have in terms of competences, integrity and reliability.

ABIRK has gained a long time experience, bothin the development and as system integrator, in different fields of application.


The ABIRK’s proposal for customers can be divided into four phases:


Analysis of the potential and expectations

Technical feasibility and roadmap

Choice of products and technologies

Implementation in stages

Research, Development and Innovation

Abirk Advanced Technology Center (ABIRK ATC) is founded to coordinate the activities of research, development and innovation at national and international level.


The mission of ABIRK ATC is to act as a collector and aggregator of all activities of research, carried out at the global level as well as being the point of reference and orientation for all new research and development for all ABIRK Group Companies.


The ABIRK ATC research team, work directly for ABIRK Group Companies but also act as Technological Transfer facilitator and consultant for third party company and ABIRK’s Customers.

To support all research activities, ABIRK collaborates with research institutes such as:


  • USI (CH) (University of Italian Switzerland)
  • SUPSI (CH) (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland)
  • CNR (IT) (National Research Council)


ABIRK is also parts of consortiums, innovation districts, clusters and poles such as:


  • SIIT (Intelligent Integrated Systems and Technologies)
  • TICASS (Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Growth)
  • DLTM (Liguria District of Marine Technologies)
  • TRANSIT (Technologies and Research, Network, Security and Intermodality in Transport)
  • SOSIA (Cybersecurity and Intelligent Automation)
  • EASS (Energy, Environment and Sustainable Growth)
  • Polo DLTM (Liguria District of Marine Technologies)



Abirk SA

Corso Elvezia, 37

6900 Lugano


Tel:  +41 91 605 48 86

Fax: +41 91 605 48 87


CHE-114.463.795 IVA

Abirk Italia S.r.l

Corso Monte Grappa 1/1 A

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Via Rockfeller 54

07100 Sassari


Tel:  +39 010 819 66 44

Fax: +39 010 893 54 45


P.IVA: 01890690991




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